Cash Flow vs Profit: Understanding the Difference

Cash flow and profit aren’t the same thing. Although the two have overlapping characteristics,it’s important to understand the differences to make informed business decisions and navigateyour business to success. In this article, we’ll explore the differences between cash flow and profit and discuss how thesetwo items are related. By the end of this article, you […]

Finding Your Breakeven Point: Where Cash Flow Meets Profitability

What’s your business breakeven point? If you’re like many business owners, the term breakevenpoint might be a foreign concept. However, understanding the role of breakeven point in yourorganization is critical to maximize your cash flow and profitability.In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about breakeven point, including what itis, how you calculate […]

Strategic Business Financial Forecasting: Illuminating Your Path to Success

Are you trying to grow your business? How about understanding where your upcoming tax bill might fall? Although no one can predict the future, there are strategies you can use to illuminate your path to success, one of which is financial forecasting.  In this article, we’ll dive into the basics of financial forecasting, touching on […]

You need a bookkeeper. Here’s why

You need a bookkeeper. Here’s why Yes, it’s a necessary evil for tax season (yikes). But proper bookkeeping can do way more than save you a nasty phone call from the CRA. Taking a proactive approach to keeping your books in order can actually stretch your company’s cash flow and leave you with greater revenue. […]

How accurate bookkeeping can increase your business’ value

How accurate bookkeeping can increase your business’ value Credit Card Crash: How your card debt is putting the brakes on your business. They’re a 10, but they have a bad credit score? Sounds like a red flag. Bad credit could mean no mortgage, no car loan, and a host of other debt disasters for you […]

Credit Card Debt

Credit Card Debt Think about credit card debt like a revolving door. You can keep borrowing month after month as long as you repay your debt promptly so that you never go over your credit limit. Unlike installment loans, which are closed once the sum is paid off, credit card accounts can be used continuously.This […]

What does it take to be a business winner?

What does it take to be a business winner? If you’re just dipping your toe into business, those who have made it in the entrepreneurial world may seem like big, shiny, otherworldly rockstars. But they’re merely humans like you and me, who happen to share some similar personality traits. The best business owners are: Driven […]

Case Study

Case Study Annual Revenue: $1.8 Million Target Revenue: $10.0 Million Problem: Our Controller4Hire client who owns a custom metal company in BC was beginning to feel frustrated about his financial situation. Although he had a specific target: $10M in revenue in a year, he did not have money in the bank and couldn’t figure out […]