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Our team

Your money goals are ours too. At Controller4Hire, we want to see small businesses score big income. No matter where you want to take your company, our aim is to get you there. Meet our team who make this possible:

Agnes Nkundabagenzi


Agnes is the founder and powerhouse Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CMA) behind Controller4Hire. With more than 20 years of experience across companies and industries. Agnes' proven track record as an expert CPA will help you take your time back through her streamlined approach to business strategy


Nilla Marie Amusala

Accounting Bookkeeper

Nilla is our payroll queen. She works as a full accounting cycle bookkeeper. With fifteen-plus years of experience. Nilla's organizational skills will help keep your books in order. With her excellent communication skills, she will keep you looped in at every step of your business journey.

Amadou Bah

Senior Accountant

With 16 years' experience in financial reporting, our jet-setting senior Accountant Manager Amadou has honed his skills everywhere from Brussels to Canada. He's a flexible problem solver who always makes time for follow-ups. Chat with Amadou for help with QuickBooks, Financial reports, corporate and personal taxes . He's ready to help (in English or French)!

Arta Farshadi

Executive Analyst and Web Project Manager

Arta is the mastermind behind our digital marketing and website development at Controller4hire. Majoring in computer science at California State University, East Bay, Arta is in charge of managing workflows and keeping all company data safe and secure.

Lydiah Ng'ethe

CPA [Kenya]

Lydiah is excited to bring her wealth of experience & knowledge to serve our clients. With 12 years as a finance manager for large and publicly traded corporations. Lydia's skill set boasts business performance advisory and financial strategy. Her rapid-fire project turnarounds make Lydia an ideal helper to deliver all your business expectations.

Asher Mudenge

Voiceover Artist

Asher is a versatile talent who excels both as an animator, with a valuable training received at Vancouver Film School, and as a voice actor at Controller4Hire. His expertise in life drawing, digital art and video editing culminated in the creation of his celebrated final short film. Asher's exceptional creative and vocal abilities make him a true inspiration to everyone he collaborates with!