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What does it take to be a business winner?

If you’re just dipping your toe into business, those who have made it in the entrepreneurial world may seem like big, shiny, otherworldly rockstars.

But they’re merely humans like you and me, who happen to share some similar personality traits.

The best business owners are:


From start-up to superstar status, you have to want to see your company grow consistently (yes, including through the prickly stages. Growing pains are inevitable).

These people are often competitive, tenacious and highly motivated, since starting out can be riddled with tough obstacles.

Your drive will help you succeed if you have SMART objectives. Setting goals, and taking actions to implement the steps that will lead you toward your goals are how you can achieve too.

Since, of course, money is a major part of business, many owners become easily adept at budgeting and setting money goals that work for them. Many of these owners use software like QuickBooks to monitor their accounting.

Knowing how much money you have, where to spend and where to cut costs can be the difference between flourishing or flopping when it comes to your biz.


Business owners are focused. After all, starting out, you’re probably acting as your own CEO, accountant, social media specialist, emotional support person et cetera.

It’s a lot and it can certainly be overwhelming.

If you can filter out distractions and focus on your immediate issue, task, or objective you’ll probably stand a better chance of getting more done during your day.


There are triumphs, setbacks, turbulence, and calm waters that come with being a business owner.

The most successful businesspeople are resilient, bounce back from adversity, and get back on their feet after being knocked down.
Unfortunately, all these traits still can’t save you if you’re swimming in a big pool of debt.