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Accounting Services

“Accounting is about information that is useful and that make sense to you”


Business owners and management staff require financial information and other tools to monitor the progress and achievements of the business, therefore the recording of historical transactions summarized in the financial statements plays a key role in the decision-making process.

the office provides full accounting services as follow:

  • -Financial statements – the financial information that is prepared is personalized to fit the nature of your business activity, therefore it will be easy to understand:

    • -Every month

    • -Quarter by quarter

    • -Or annually

  • -For businesses that process their own bookkeeping, we can assist with the review of the accounting records and to prepare the year-end financial statements.

  • -Meetings to review and advice on how to increase the productivity of your business life.

  • -Preparation of income tax returns, both for personal and for corporations.

  • -Guidance and advise to first-time entrepreneurs.


Luis, in over 25 years of personal and business dealings I am please to sat you and your team are the most professional and thorough I have ever dealt with. I very much appreciate your attention to detail, quick response-time, conscentiousness, courtesy, and sensitivity to costs through your bookkeeping and accounting services. Thank you …


Little Vienna Bakery, Sooke BC


… Also, please, pass to Luis, that one of my regular customers is your office customer as well. He was in today and during the conversation we discovered that we have the same accountant. He gave your office a very good comments and has been impressed with your work for many years now.


Nadia Graham, COBS Bakery, Millstream Plaza, Victoria, B.C.