Controller4Hire Blog 5 Ways To Determine If You Need A Controller For Your Business

5 Ways To Determine If You Need A Controller For Your Business

Determine If You Need A Controller For Your Business

We have been in the financial industry for over 20 years and worked with start-ups, SMEs and large-scale organizations in a range of industries.
While it is quite easy from an outside perspective to determine when a business requires a controller’s services, when you are looking from within your organization or business, you may not even know where to start!
In this post, we list five key indicators that you should look for to understand if your business needs a controller:

  1. Your business needs have outgrown the capabilities of your current accounting team.
  2. You wish to spend more time on other aspects of your business and need an expert to handle your financial needs.
  3. Your company is experiencing financial challenges and needs strategic financial guidance.
  4. Your key financial leader has left unexpectedly and you need expert financial guidance until a full time replacement is in place.
  5. You are wondering why money is always tight.

As your part-time controller, we can meet your growing needs while providing strategies to reduce overall business risk. We’ll take measures to ensure that your financial literacy and skills are improved. And on top of that, we will provide solid financial support which allows you more time to manage and handle other aspects of your business.

If you said YES! to any of the above points (or maybe even all of them), let’s start the conversation to work towards solving your financial and business needs.

In a growing small business environment, business owners undertake multiple roles and getting a clear idea of the bigger picture is nearly impossible.  Having one person who is in charge of your financial affairs is the solution. While it is sensible to outsource your accounting functions to an external firm like Controller4Hire, it is important that you understand the output of the financial information. We help you understand the basics so that you can make quick but informed operational decisions. Most importantly, we help you increase your financial acumen so you can have productive conversations with other stakeholders like bankers and investors.

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